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Like what you see but want it in different layout, wall colour or furniture’s?

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Ideally, the designers will need your floor plan and some pictures to illustrate your design preference.

If all the materials are provided, it typically only takes a couple of days before you get to see the first draft.

It is important you give as much details to the designer in order to achieve your design goals. However should you require amendments, we will accommodate 2 revisions for free.

Upon order, our team will contact you within 24 hours to review your submissions and see if sufficient information have been provided to start the design. You will be contacted again to review the first draft, this is usually a non-rendered image. If no further changes are required, the final draft will be rendered to make the image realistic and delivered to you.

After submitting an order via the contact form, you will be contacted via email and advised on payment process.

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